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Where should you store perfume?

Where should you store perfume?

We were asked where is the best place to store elixir to ensure they are as strong till the very last drop. Storage is important for the longevity of your scents.

Storing your elixir in a bathroom cupboard might be your first thought, unfortunately keeping it there will make the chemical bonds break down from the constant change in heat and moisture that collects while showering.

This can completely change the scent and we do not want that! This is the same for direct sunlight, the same thing can happen.

The best place to store your perfume is actually in the fridge... I know what? The temperature is consistent and it’s a dark place.

I know some people won't be happy keeping their elixir next to their fruit & veg which we understand, personally if I kept perfume in my fridge at home I would be having words with the family.

Therefore personally leave my collection in a dark drawer/cupboard dedicated to all my perfumes!

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